Sloty Casino: Play Fascinating Games For Real Money

  1. Casino policy
  2. Layout
  3. Game offers
  4. Live casino
  5. Mobile gambling
  6. Bonuses
  7. Deposits and withdrawals
  8. Customer support
  9. Responsible Gaming
  10. Safety
  11. Restricted countries
  12. Conclusion

There are so many miracles that the Internet offers us daily that it seems nothing can surprise you. That is why when a new casino shows up, if you are an experienced gambler, you do not expect much from it since what else can they introduce? However, exceptions happen.

Sloty casino is one of the best representatives of new online casinos that hit the industry relatively recently. Starting with the unique design, as well as the witty name, the casino runners prove their dedication to users’ comfort and entertainment.

As you proceed with the review, you will learn that a nice layout is not where the given casino stops. Besides, if you dig deeper, you will learn that the score of the given casino is 8 out of 10. Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

Casino policy

We have mentioned it that Sloty Casino is a new casino on the online gambling stage. However, it is owned by the casino group that has already launched other successful casino products, such as Spinit and Casino Cruise. If you have been circling gin the casino world for a while, you may already know how reputable and trusted the mentioned casinos are.

The company name is Genesis Global. The company is registered in Malta. In case you do not know, Malta is one of the most popular among casino holders, country. It needs to be pointed out that Maltese license is the most trusted one and as you may have already guessed, SlotyCasino has it. However, that is not just it, apart from the license from Malta, the casino also has the United Kingdom Gambling Commission one too. If you think about it for a second, it becomes clear that Sloty casino owns two of the most reliable in the gambling industry licenses and that matters greatly.

Now let’s have a closer look at the Sloty casino itself. The casino was introduced to the market in 2017. Due to the company behind it, the services that the online casino suggests are of the highest quality. Apart from that, the casino is concerned about their customers’ privacy as well as online security. Besides, responsible gambling belongs to the list of their priorities as well.


Casino Sloty proves that modern trends have their effect even on classic things such as casino layout. There are no flashy colors and neon signs spread all over your screen. Instead, you are welcome with a nice and calm blue background, which seems odd since we are talking online casino here. Apart from all the stylishness and such, the logo that the website contains has a retro vibe to it. It seems like it was inspired by a retro car log, at least to us. As you scroll down, you are greeted by the moving animation of something that resembles a paradise city for gamers.

Taking into consideration the services as well as the bonus that the casino offers, the place can be considered heaven on earth by some, by we are going to return to that a bit later.

Continuing with the layout, we mentioned that there are no catchy or annoying signs all over the screen. As for the casino chapters, they are all orderly and neat. You can easily find any game you need without spending hours searching for a particular game. One of the innovations is that you can sort all the games by a developer, which is also nice if you know already which games interest you most. Apart from that, you can use the search option if you know the game you would like to play.

All in all, the casino website is simple and user-oriented, and as for the general first impression, it is safe to say that the Sloty has passed the test.

Game offers can show off as many as over a thousand games for a player to participate in. However, the sky is the limit, and that means that the number of games to offer will only grow. So far, it is safe to say that all the games from such sharks of gaming oceans as NetEnt, Red Tiger, Evolution Games, and Microgaming are presented in the casino. Nevertheless, there are other online game providers presented too.

As we have already stated it, all the games are neatly organized into categories so that it won’t take you a lot of time to find a piece you are interested in. As for the slots, the most popular games can be found on the top of the main page, so that if you are just a beginner and have no clue what to start from, Sloty points you in the direction towards Starburst, Vikings Go Berzerk, Immortal Romance. It should be emphasized that you can play any other game as long as you know what you have in mind. Either classy slots or high-quality ones, there is a vast number to browse through and to pick the best. Besides, the casino offers you to play slots just for fun to get the hang of the game and to decide whether or not you are ready and willing to give it a spin for real.

Let’s not forget that the number of table games that the casino suggests is not less impressive. Whether roulette or poker is your poison, there are a plethora of options to pick from.

Live casino

Whether you like it or not, but we have to admit it, that for the most part people choose to gamble in an online casino because of the variety of slots to give a try to. We have nothing against it since slots are fun and exciting. However, need we remind you how the actual casino looks at, and you will get the point we are hinting at.

There are other games that land casinos are all about. They are roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat as well as many others. While some casinos center around the slots, Sloty, despite the name, has a wide list of live casino options too. There are separate lobbies dedicated to certain games so that you can choose the kind or variation of the game that appeals to you most. What is more, SlotyCasino has made their accent on the dealers too. If you have a closer look at the live casino dealers, you will notice that all of them are nice-looking. Besides, live casino customer claim that the dealers are real professionals in their sphere and set the needs of the player into priority. provides the best games created by Netent as well as Evolution games.

Mobile gambling

We have reviewed the desktop variation of the sloty casino in detail, but what about using in on your Android device? The fact is that the casino claims to be ultra-modern as well as ultra-mobile. What does that mean? That means that the mobile variation of the casino is as good as the pc one.

You can play your favorite games whenever you have a spare minute using your iPhone or any other mobile device. There is no need for any third-party application to be downloaded to your device. You can play any game straight from the browser. It should be accented that the loading speed is as impressive as the number of games suited to iOS and other systems.

To tell you the truth, many online casinos do not go as far as to let players join the Live casino from their portable device. With sloty things change since you can as easily play your favorite roulette game while using your mobile phone. The only thing that you should be cautious about is the stable internet connection otherwise there may be some issues arising. In case your game gets interrupted by a poor connection, there is nothing a casino can do.


If you are a new customer and the casino would like to keep your attention for longer, they will not only create a fabulous design and suggest an impressive range of games to play. No! Reputable casinos are all about the friendly welcome and appreciation.

As you may have already guessed what we have in mind is the welcome bonus of course. The fact is that different casinos have various offers to take advantage of. Nevertheless, as time passes, it is hard to surprise a potential player with something he or she hasn’t tried before. That is why sloty runners chose to go as far as to prove a massive bonus spiced up with a set of free spins.

Just when you enter the casino site, you are greeted with a welcome bonus sight. The bonus sign states that you can easily earn $300 bonus and 300 free spins if you join the casino now. However, that is not the whole truth. If you are expecting a trick – there is none, at least at this stage. The thing is that the casino offers the new players as much as $1500 of appreciation, not to mention the free spins.

Such a welcome amount may seem unbelievable, and that is understandable. That is why we decided to explain all the details concerning it so that there are no underwater stones left for you to stumble across.

To begin with, you are granted a 100% welcome bonus upon your registration. The minimum deposit you should use is $10, while the maximum is $300. So, if you deposit $300, you will get the corresponding sum of bonus funds together with a set of 300 spins.

After that comes the second part of the bonus. You can get as much as 50% plus to your deposit. If you deposit $800 – you will be granted $400 on top of it.
Then comes the third part of the bonus. It is 25% of the deposit sum. Let’s say you use $1600 deposit and get $400 added to it.

That is where most casinos stop, three welcome bonuses are more than enough. However, sloty decides to cross the line and offers a fourth part of the bonus which replicates the third one. Keep it in mind, that you should use the bonus code after the first welcome bonus claim. The code is stated on the site, in the Welcome bonus section.

When you add up all the maximum bonuses, the number you get is $1500. You should not leave that fact out that there are free spins added to the balance too.
Just imagining such a huge sum being granted as a bonus makes it sound unreal. Well, it is real, but that is the part when we spill the beans and uncover the tricks. If there is a welcome bonus, there are terms as well as conditions how you should use it as well as how can you cash it out. Casino Sloty states that their requirements are the mildest and the easiest to fulfill, let’s have a closer look at whether the statement is true.

  • To begin with, the staking should be mentioned. Before you are allowed to withdraw the bonus, you need to stake the precise sum 40 times. Compared to other casinos, it is actually not that bad.
  • Free spins can be spent on chosen slots only.
  • Bet on slots can’t be higher than $5.
  • Bet on table games can’t be higher than $30.
  • Classic slots provide only 75% to stating while all the others cover 100%.
  • Some slots can’t be played using bonuses.
  • Free spins are deposited to your account 30 at the time, for 10 days.
  • Your bonus balance will be valid for two weeks only.
  • You cannot use bonus funds in Live casino.
  • Neteller and Skrill do not apply for a welcome bonus.

Regular Player Promotions

Aside from the welcome bonus which is applied for new players only, there is a set of bonuses for regulars too. However, we want to accent the fact that certain bonuses may vary from country to country. What is meant, is that something that is available for users in Canada may not apply for British players and vice versa.

Happy Hour bonus

If you make your deposit within a set period of time, you will get a free spin bonus. As for the time frame, you can check it in the casino directly.


If you become a VIP player with SlotyCasino, you will be offered a lot of various perks. You can count on free spins, free games, even vacation tickets!
As you can see, the bonus system that the casino offers is rich, which means that it is worthy of your consideration.

Deposits and withdrawals

There are times when all works fine with a certain casino, but when it comes to withdrawals of your winnings, the issues arise. Casino Sloty faces no such problem. The fact is that all the known and verified payment options are acceptable so that you will not face any difficulties with that.

Users who use Neteller and Skrill say that these two options are the fastest when it comes to funds withdrawing. However, we would like to remind you that if you are a new user who wants to claim the welcome bonus, it is better not to use the stated methods.

Customer support

No matter which service you use, there always questions arising, unless you are an experienced user of the casino, which is rarely the case. So, what should you do, have you any question? Firstly, it needs to be emphasized that you do not need to spend hours looking for a support button. A little question mark in the top right corner of the screen, next to login fields is the Help button. Once you click it, you are presented with the FAQ area. Once browsing the section does not help you resolve the issue, you can opt for live chat and email help. Unlike other casino holders, Sloty almost enforces you to use their live help option, since the chat button can be found on every page of the casino.

Apart from that, if you decide to email them, there is not just one for all email address, but a couple of them concerning each specific issue. Such an approach ensures that when sorted, your request is answered faster, and that is surely a huge benefit to consider.

Nevertheless, that is not just it; you can also reach the casino support via telephone. Do not worry; you are not going to pay for solving the issue. The thing is that judging by the IP you are accessing the site from, casino fetches a local number to call without any charges induced.

All in all, the number of support options is impressive as well as the thought put into it.

Responsible gaming

The truth is that in very many cases, the people who gamble do not notice the line they cross, which is drawn between fun and serious addiction. The fact is that most casinos are fully aware of the problem, that is why they promote responsible gambling. What does that mean? That means that in order to help players who may have crossed the line, the casino reaches out a helping hand. Often, the casino provides various limits to be set to prevent users from spending more than they can afford. Also, you are offered the ability to take a break from gaming for a while, if that does not help you can block your account and take your time to recover.

Sloty Casino offers all the enlisted options for customers to select from. However, what many casinos do not understand is that simple fact that it is hard for an addict to realize that there is an addiction to face. To help such players, the casino offers a simple test. You are supposed to answer the list of questions with Yes or No answers. If the answer Yes prevails – you have an addiction. Once you realize the problem, it becomes a little easier to deal with it. Besides, the casino provides a list of available services that help users deal with gambling problems, and that is something that you won’t see from casino to casino.


It is only natural to be concerned about your personal information provided to the casino. Personal data involves our address as well as some financial details, and that is something you can’t entrust just anyone with. Casino Sloty knows all the risks lurking on the internet, and they use a modern data encryption technology that makes sure that no third parties have access to your details, neither they can be used against you.

Your privacy and security are on the list of the essential priorities that Sloty casino takes proper care of.

Restricted countries

In many cases, casinos have a list of countries that are restricted, and if you are a resident of the country on the list, you cannot participate in the gaming activity provided by the casino. However, many players think that they are smarter than a restrictive system and use the VPN to pass by the restriction. Nevertheless, those users leave the fact that even if you can fool the system with the switched IP, you still need to state your country when you are providing the personal information. Judging by the stated country, it is on the restriction list the casino can lock all your winning as well as block your account in general and introduce you into the blacklist. So, you should better check the restricted countries list before signing up for the casino.


To sum everything up, it is safe to say that SlotyCasino is a promising addition to the arena. Aside from over the edge attractive as well as impressive layout the variety of games presented on the site is mind-blowing. Let’s not forget about all the promo bonuses and other appreciating gestures towards the customers. Have you any issue? You can easily solve it by using the professional help provided.

Another peculiarity lies in the fact that there is no need to download any store app. You can play many games by using your device and the favorite browser just like that.

Sloty Casino offers you real money once you win it. There are no issues with the funds withdrawal, and you can use the best suitable method since the wide variety of those are presented.

The problem of addictive gambling is strictly monitored. Not only the casino helps you realize the problem, but also offers a range of ways that you can deal with it.

All in all, Sloty is one of those modern casino representatives that do what they are supposed to with the main concern and attention centered upon each and every one of their customers.

author: Angela Roy